He appeared on this earth in 1532, in Rajpur, Vrindavan. His parents were Sri Grujan (maternal uncle of Sri Haridas ji) and Srimati Kaushalya. As per birth dates he was 5 years elder to Swami Haridasji and was his first disciple. He was a great rasik and at the age of 30 years, he left his house and lived in Vrindavan till the age of 70 years. He wrote 39 pads.
When Swami Haridas ji left this earth for Nikunj in 1632, he went on a complete fast and did not speak to anybody. He was in so much grief that he decided not to see anyone except Swami ji.

His loved ones were very upset with this decision and decided to organize a Raslila for him. Hariram ji Vyas was sent to fetch Sri Vitthal VIpul Dev ji. They reached the venue of Raslila.When the Raslila was at its peak, the person playing the part of Sri Priya ji, came towards him and asked him to open his eyes. Holding his hand Priya ji made him get up and asked him to see the Raslila. Sri Vithul Vipul Dev ji prayed to Priyaji not to leave his hand and to always keep him with her always. The covering on his eyes opened, there was a divine light all around, he transformed in his sakhi swaroop and he disappeared. His samadhi is in Nidhivan.

Aavat Ladili Lal phoole,
Kunj keli nav rang Bihari surati hindore jhule.
Nishi jaage alsaat ragmage pat palte gati bhule,
Sri Vitthal Vipul pulki Lalitadik din dekhat drum bhule.

Dol jhule Shyama Shyam saheli,
Nav nikunj nav rang piya sang vihirat garv gaheli.
Kabhuk pritam ramki jhulavat kabhu priya naveli,
Sri Vitthal Vipul pulki Lalitadik dekhat anand keli.

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