Appearance of Swami Haridasji
Viharidas vihar ko udayan karan Haridas,
Saakhi bhakt ko bhar sake rasikan ke man traas.

When the 'divinity' felt the need of spreading the divine love on earth and quenching the thirst of the pure rasik devotees along with educating them with the essence of pure love, Sri Lalita Sakhi appeared on this earth with the consent of the divine couple as Sri Haridas. He spread the pure love amongst the pure devotees. Without the blessing of Swami Haridas ji no one can understand the grave meanings of pure love and the essence behind it. Only with his mercy, the rasik devotees are constantly enjoying the sweet nectar of pure love...

while the others who are not eligible cannot be a part of this pure love. Swami Haridas ji appeared in a wealthy village in Vrindavan called Rajpur. He was initiated in the Nimbarkiya Sampraday by his rasik guru Sri Swami Ashudhir ji. In 1537 and in the afternoon of the eighth day (Wednesday) of Bhadramas, Sri Gangadhar ji's wife Srimati Chitra ji who was love personified gave birth to Swami Haridasji. The divine baby's affect reached far and beyond. Sri Ashudhirji rushed to bless the divine baby when he heard the news of his birth. He took the baby in his arms and was filled with ecstacy. With great fondness he blessed the baby, gave him Kanthi (small necklace), put
Tilak on his forehead, gave him Prasad, spoke a Mantra in his ears and called him Haridas. As the days passed Sri Haridas ji grew into a pure devotee and learnt the lesson of love and divine music form the birds, flowers and trees of Vrindavan. Some of his followers remained with him always who later with his blessings got to witness the eternal pastimes of Sri Shyama Shyam and were also initiated by him.

In praise of Swamiji...

Sri Haridas gaoon Sri Haridas gaoon,
Sri Haridas naam gun gayi vipul prem paoon.
Sri Haridas naam gun roop tan raoon,
Sri Haridas pranni ke pran hi jivaoon.
Sri Haridas lena Sri Haridas dena,
Sri Haridas bhjen bhaiya kachu bhay na.
Sri Haridas dhyoso Sri Haridas ratyo,
Sri Haridas vyavhar Sri Haridas batyo.
Sri Haridas bal budhi kul jati pati,
Sri Haridas bhetat sheetal bhayi chati.
Sri Haridas ang bin sang taji santo,
Sri Haridas hilag bin het kari hanto.
Sri Haridas prem bin nem na suhato,
Sri Haridas het milat mahal ko nato.
Sri Haridas naam ruchi Sri Haridas naam suchi,
Sri Haridas naam liye jaye dukh dosh muchi.
Sri Haridas karme Sri Haridas dharme,
Sri Haridas naam bhedi le man marme.
Sri Haridas gyane Sri Haridas dhyane,
Sri Haridas naam kari koti asnane.
Sri Haridas naam mere mantra mala,
Sri Haridas naam mudra tilka bhala.
Sri Haridas seva Sri Haridas puja,
Sri Haridas bin bhaav nahin duja.
Sri Haridas bhakti rati Sri Haridas param gati,
Sri Haridas jas gavat bhayi sudradh mati.
Sri Haridas Brajriti Sri Haridas ras reeti,
Sri Haridas naam liye sakal sadhan jeeti.
Sri Haridas nij daras Sri Haridas ras paras,
Sri Haridas sukh det Sri Haridas hit het..
Ananya nrapati Sri Swami Haridas nij das,
Jai Srivar Biharinidas vilsat vilas.

Appearance of Bihariji

Every morning after bathing in Yamuna River, Swami ji used to go to Nidhivan to do his bhajan (prayer), post which he used to sit in a dense grove and meditate on his favoured, pure love personified Sri Kunjbihari and Sri Kunjbiharini. This was his daily routine. Seeing their guru offering obesiences at one particular place only, all the disciples became very inquisitive, but none could gather courage and ask Swami ji the reason of his praying at one particular place only. When Sri Vithal Vipul Devji saw the desire of other disciples, he requested Swami ji to disclose the mystery. Swami ji said, “Inside the cave is a divine palace where Sri Kishore and Kishoriji are sitting on a beautiful flower bed and I am serving them along with other sakhis. That is why I offer my obesiences here everyday”.

Understanding the intense desires of all the students, Swamiji asked Sri Vithal Vipul Devji to enter the cave. As soon as he entered, he saw divine and enchanting palace with divine lights, where the divine couple was seated on a beautiful bed and were laughing and teasing each other. He also saw Swami ji there serving them and increasing their joy. Sri Vithal Vipul Devji paid his respects and was very happy to see his guruji over there. On being hinted by his guruji, he gave the nectar filled pot to Swami ji outside the cave and again came inside. When he came inside, he saw that the divine couple had become one in a deity form. He hugged the deity and came outside. Swami ji too hugged the deity and offered best quality food, clothes and jewellery after bathing it. The whole sky was filled with sounds of praises. It was a divine festival and everyone was in complete ecstacy. The deity epitomises pure love, youth, eternal nectar of loving devotion, so it was named BANKEBIHARI. Every day 12 gold coins used to appear at the lotus feet of Sri Bankebihari. Swami ji used to sell them, get ingredients and offer best quality food to Bihariji. After giving prasad to all the devotees he used to make three piles: 1.For animals like monkeys living on land, 2.For peacock, birds and all other flying animals, 3.For fishes, tortoise and other water animals. All these animals used to eat form their piles only. Such was the effect of Swamiji on them. Swamiji used to have only a handful of gram (chana) every morning. Later on being told and requested by Bihariji, he started having a roti which he used to make after getting alms from people of Rajpur at night after putting Bihariji to sleep. He also used to sing pads (a form of poetry) to Bihariji which he used to hear in meditation. Swamiji and Bihariji were and are one even today!

Swami ji se Swami ji, Bihari ji se Bihari ji,
Auran te aankhe mund, inhi nihari ji.

Namo namo Sri Haridas Vrindavipin vaas, bar pran sarvas Bankebihari,
Shyama Shyam yugal roop madhurya ke rasik rijhvar prem avtaari.
Param vairaag nidhi basat nidhivan sadaa bhavna leen su pravin bhaari,
Kaamna kalptaru sakal santaapharu Agradas Ali kalyankari.

Rasik Haridas ke Bankebihari,
Lakshmipati Brajpati ati durgam raas rasikvar saran tihaari.
Adbhut dhaam nitya Vrindavan nitya Kishore Kishori pyari,
Mahal Nikunj bihar saar such ichcha vigrah dhari avtaari.
Banke birad bulaavat saanche mahaprem adbhut such bhaari,
Rasik roop avlokat sobha Sri Swami ju ke adhikaari.

Lalita Sri Haridasi ke aangan sukhad badhaai baaje ho,
Mahal te pragate Sri Bankebihari rasikni ke such kaaje ho.
Sakhi saheli sahchari gaavti ati anand samaaje ho,
Sri Radhasaran chabi nirkhat Vitthal Vipul prem such saaje ho.

Hamaare Bihari utsav aaj,
Ati prasan bhai nitya Ladili sudharyo sabhi kaaj.
Mahaprem anuraag badhyo hai bani gayo sabhi saaj,
Sri Haridasi rasik siromani diyo kunj ko kaaj.