He appeared in Bundelkhand in 1692 and left for Nikunj in 1758. He was a revolutionary by nature and was a perfect disciple. He believed in changing with the times and adapting new things accordingly. But his guru was not in favour of this and he used to get upset because of this nature of Sri Swami Rasik Dev ji’s. To add fuel to the fire, Keshav Dev ji, who was a younger fellow devotee used to gossip about Rasik Devji to their guru ji. This perturbed the guru ji even further. But in spite of all this Rasik Dev ji had complete devotion unto his guru. Around the same time Aurangzeb was destroying the temples in Vrindavan and surrounding area and lot of saints left Vrindavan.

For some time Sri Rasik Dev ji stayed in Kaliyadah and later went to stay at Sri Rasik Bihari temple which he founded. Sri Rasik Bihari ji appeared in Nidhivan and stayed in Udaipur and Doongerpur too. From there they were positioned at Rasik Bihari temple and served with love and devotion. Sri Rasik Dev ji got very attached to them and used to eat and sleep with them. Not even for a second, could they be separated. He initiated 52 disciples,of whom 3 made their own set ups. They were:

  1. Sri Govind Dev ji sat at Gori Lal ji Ki Kunj
  2. Sri Lalit Kishori Dev ji sat at Tatiya Sthan
  3. Sri Pitamber Dev ji sat at Rasik Bihari temple.

Sri Rasik Dev ji had completely surrendered unto his guruji and was devoted to him with full heart and soul. He looked after the administration of Rasik Bihari temple from 1684 to 1701. Lot of political unrest happened during this period.

Pyari ju te mohi mol liyo,
Teri kripa te madan dal jeetyo, tero jivayo jiyo.
Umdi sena maha manmath ki te adhramrit diyo,
Sri Rasik bihari kahat deen hai dhani Shyama ko hiyo.

Hindore jhulat sukumar,
Pulki pulki Radhe ur laagat pritam pran adhaar.
Bhai basab saje mansij ke ur var haar sudhaar,
Sukh mein jhulat Kuvanri Ladili ramkat Shyam udaar.
Jugal roop anoop virajat manmath bhed apaar,
Sri Rasikbihari ko such nirkhat khare kunj ke dwar.

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