Aacharya Sri Lalita Sakhi, Rasik Hamaaari Chaap,
Our teacher is Sri Lalita ji, we are known as 'Rasiks'

Nitya Kishore Upasana, Yugal Mantra Ko Jaap.
We worship Nitya Kishore Kishori, we chant the yugal mantra

Yugal Mantra Ko Jaap, Ved Rasikan Ki Vaani,
The rasik guru's teachings are our scriptures (ved)

Sri Vrindavan Dhaam, Isht Shyama Maharani.
Residence is Vrindavan, Shyama maharani is our revered one

Premdevta Mile Bina, Siddhi Hoye Na Karaj,
Everything is worthless if you do not meet your loving God

Bhagwat Sab Sukh Daani Prakat Bhaye Rasikacharaj.
To spread the love and happiness Swamiji appeared

It is very essential for us to understand the purpose of our birth on this earth. It is definitely not to do the mundane work and get into the circle of happiness and grief. Our highest and most important purpose of life is to attain our eternal swarooop (form). This can be attained through bhakti and following certain principles in life as laid down by our realized saints and gurus.One pre requisite for bhakti is- relationship with God. We can have a relationship with God in five manners:

  • Shant bhaav (neutral), Dasya bhaav (servant), Vatsalya bhaav (parent), Sakha bhaav (friend) and Madhurya bhaav (lover)
  • As bhakti means love and bhaav, to progress in devotion one must have any one or more relationships mentioned above with God.
  • Swamiji’s ‘Ras Reeti’ (philosophy of eternal love) revolves around ‘Prem Ras’, ‘Sakhi Bhaav’and ‘Ananyata’


It is the nectar of eternal love-bliss and pure joy. This love does not have a beginning and it does not end. It is ever increasing, limitless, deep, grave, unconditional and expressed best in state of union of lovers. Here the separation is very subtle e.g a blink of Priya’s eye or hair covering Priya’s face makes Pritam impatient and he starts thinking that he has not seen Priya ji for years. They both meet every second but still house the feeling of not having met for years. Their every meeting or union is like they are meeting for the first time.

Sakhi bhaav

Every relationship is based on bhaav- true feelings, emotions, love etc. without which a relationship cannot exist. The bhaav in ‘Nikunj leela’ is of sakhi bhaav which is based upon the principles of ‘Tat-sukh-sukhitva’. Sakhi means a friend. A friend who has no desires for onself but is constantly involved in serving Priya Pritam and continuously making efforts to increase the love and attraction between the two divine and eternal, bliss personified bodies. Sakhi is also called Sahchari or Saheli. Sakhi derives all pleasure/happiness and joy just by seeing the divine couple happy and in a pleasurable state. The divine copule is forever playing in the eternal grounds of Vrindavan.
Sakhis perform ‘ashtayam seva’ evey day which involves waking up Shyama Shyam, bathing them, serving food to them, singing and dancing for their pleasure, putting them to sleep and organizing their intimate pleasurable play etc.- all for the divine couple’s happiness. Our eternal form and nature is also that of a sakhi and if we worship and serve Shyama Shyam with this bhaav and complete devotion, we will soon reach Nikunj with our Guruji’s blessings.


Another important aspect of Nitya Vihar is ‘Ananyata’ which means worshiping Shyama Shyam with single undivided faith and belief, following this path with complete heart and soul and not looking at other sampradays. Devotees who reach Nitya Vihar and are stated in the sakhi bhaav are called Rasiks-they constantly enjoy the ras of Nkunj Leela. In Nitya Vihar, every moment is new and requires complete surrender which is deeply satisfying.
Nikunj Leela is innate, natural and instinctive. The activities here are unforced unlike the ones on the earth. All feelings, emotions are intutive and there is no external influence at all.Planned activities/play are always ruled by the intelligence of the human mind. But in Nikunj all the sports are completely natural and divine which require no planning or intelligence. Here as soon as Shyama Shyam and sakhis think/desire something, it gets done immediately without any effort. Every activity is full of feelings,completely independent, charming, elegant and lively. This is one, pure and eternal ras (nectar of devotion). There are no rules and regulations of any kind. No relevence to scriptures (Ved, Shashtras etc.) or moral bindings or debates of any kind makes this ras the ultimate one can achieve and aspire for. There is strong relationship and deep connection of Shyama Shyam and sakhis with the rasik devotees on this earth. From the tip of the Shyama Shyam's toes countless universes are created. There is so much divine light radiating out of their bodies that it becomes difficult to describe. Not only this, but the complete Nikunj Leela is just incredible and understood by a very few. In fact here we are just making a minute effort in trying to explain the unexplainable. Shyama Shyam, Sakhis and Nikunj Leela are beyond words. All of them are pure love personified.One just has to feel the love with love inside onself to understand them.

Namo namo jai Sri Vrindavan ras varshat ghan ghori,
Namo namo jai Kunjmahal nit, namo namo jaame sukh hori.
Namo namo jai Kunjbiharini, namo namo Pritam chit chori,
Namo namo jai Sri Haridas, namo namo inhi ki jori.

Namo namo Hari pyaro Nidhivan,
Sri Haridas bhavana kau thal, nirkhe taha gaur saaval tan.
Taake madhi kunj ati kavni, dulraye ju bihari dridh pan,
Sri Vrindavan hit roop rijhiye, gaan kushal lahiyo bhakti ananya dhan.

Jai jai Srikunjbiharini pyari,
Jai jai Kunjmahal sukhdaai, jai jai Lalan Kunjbihari.
Jai jai Vrindavan ras sagar , Jai jai Jamuna sindhu sukhari,
Jai jai Lalitmohini dhani dhani sukhdayak sirmor hamari.

Ho anaath tum nath ho, karuna sindhu udar,
Lalit priye Haridas ju, posho sukhad bihar.

Kaho kripa upje kihi bhaati,
Rasikan sang phire din raati.

Kripa karo tum Ladili, ang ang sukh darsaay,
Tanu man vilso ek ras, Pritam pran samaay.