He appeared in 1640 and resided on earth till 1741. His parents were Pandit Vishnudas and Srimati Uttamadevi ji who were devotees of Sanakadi Saints. Because of his great qualities, Swami Narhari Dev ji’s name had spread far and wide and he came to Vrindavan at the age of 35 years and resided here for 66 years. He made a hut for himself near Bankhandi which later came to be known as ‘Gori Lal ji Ki Kunj’
A trader by the name of Sukh ji was suffereing from leprosy. He was directed by Lord Jagannathji to go to Sri Narhari Dev ji and wash his feet. Sukhji did as he was directed and he was cured. Sri Narhari Dev ji was only 5 years old at that time.He is considered as the incarnation of Lord Jagannath ji. He loved the people of Vrindavan.

Whatever he used to take form them, was returned in some form or the other. On being asked by Saint Muraridas about his guru, Swami Narhari Dev ji replied that Sri Swami Saras Dev ji was his Guru who will eventually meet him and that did happen. He used to visit Bundelkhand often and whatever he usd to get from there was utilized in the service of the saints. He never listened and participated in false discussions. Service of the saints was his life force.
Sri Swami Narhari Dev ji was looking after the administration from 1626 to 1684. He saw the reigns of both Sahanjahan and Aurangzeb.Aurangzeb had destroyed the temples at Vrindavan in 1669.His Samadhi is at Gori Lal ji Ki Kunj.

Pragate Sri Narhari Dev udaar,
Sri Haridas Lalit vapu dhaarayo maha prem sukhsaar,
Sri Vrindavan sanmukh jinane kine apaar,
Rasik siromani ki nij jivani nirkhat nitya vihar

Bain shravan suno rasna gun gaaun saroop anoop vicharo,
Nasika aas subas Utiran mala suman basan singaro.
Bandan shish karo din yo man ki mansa it ut na taaro,
Sri Nagaridas ke aas yeh nij nain Biharinidas niharo

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