He resided on this earth between 1758 and 1823. Swami Rasik Dev ji gave him Swami Haridas ji’s karuva, banki, sumarni and gudadi - all his personal possessions along with vaanis (books) of 6 saints. He left Nidhivan and sat under a tree for meditation. Chaube ji Gokulchand and Shyam ji Chaube secured this place by fencing it with bamboo sticks. Hence it started being called as Tatiya Sthan. They also suggested to him that on Radha ashtmi, Sri Haridas ji’s appearance day should be celebrated and since then the festival is celebrated with lot of love, devotion and fervour. He authored 1200 dohas, 130 pad, 147 Ras pads, 50 Chaupais and 25 celebration pads.

He is also considered as the incarnation of Swami Haridas ji. He founded Tatiya Sthan and because of his blessings, even today, this place is always full with devotees from all places. Once he was completely engrossed in his meditation, when goddess of nature appeared in his meditation and she asked him whether she can beautify Tatiya Sthan. He nodded in affirmation and she created a beautiful environment there with lots of flowers, and greenery besides the banks of Yamuna River. He was the head of Sthan from 1701 to 1766. His samadhi is also at Tatiya Sthan.

Jaake Sri Haridas suhayi, tahi kahaa gam hai re bhai,
So to ati anand mein dole, maha prem bhare vachnani bole.

Chinchin Priyavar rang badhave, Kunjbiharini ke man bhaave,
Sri Lalit Kishori ih ras bhini, milat milat mein chah navini.

Hum Hari ke Hari hamre pyare,
Hari hamre hit rahat sadaai hum Hari ke ati hi sukhare.
Hum Hari Hari hum keli nirantar chin hu kabhu hot na nyare,
Hari hain Kunjbiharini rani rasik siromani pran adhaare.

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