He appeared in 1537 and went to Nikunj in 1632 at Rajpur Vrindavan. His parents were Sri Gangadhar and Srimati Chitradevi. He got initiated in 1562 in Nimbarkiya Sampraday. He left his house at the age of 25 and propagated the highest and supreme philosophy of love - Rasopasana of Nitya Vihar.He is the incarnation of Sri Lalita sakhi who is very dear to Sri Shayama Shyam. He composed 18 pads on the principles of life and 110 pads on the supreme love of Sri Shyama Shyam. He requested Sri Shyama Shyam to appear as one in the form of Bihariji for the eyes of the world and they appeared as desired, in the year 1567.

King Akbar and the great musician Tansen were his disciples. With swamiji started the music and its notes. He also outlined the principles of his sampraday for his disciples and other devotees to follow.He preached ananyata and sahchari bhaav. He told the devotees that the love on this earth is not complete while the pure love exists only in Nikunj. The relationships in this world are like that in a holy place, where lot of people come, meet each other and stay with each other for some days and then go back to their own homes.He said that there is no point in roaming here and there to look for happiness, one should just come to Bihariji and surrender unto him. On this earth a person is like a bird in the cage which is waiting to fly off. One should consider oneself as a little straw which flies along the wind and does not resist it. He gave a divine form to the seva in all its three forms - naam, dhaam and swaroop. He guided all his near and dear devotees on all aspects of devotion. We all bow down unto him. He was heading the Sampraday from 1505 to 1575. Other saints during his period were: Chaitanya Mahaparbhu, Hariram Vyas, Jiv Goswami, Roop Goswami, Meerabai, Hit Harivansh and Vitthalnath.

Prem samudra roop ras gahre, kaise laage ghaat,
Bekaryo de jaan kahavat janpanyo ki kaha pari baat.
Kahu ko sar sudho na pare maarat gaal gali haat,
Kahe Sri Haridas jaani thakur Bihari takat otpaat.

Maai ri sahaj jori prakat bhayi ju rang ki Gaur Shyam ghan damini jaise,
Pratham na huti abhu aage hun rahi hai na tarihe taise.
Ang ang ki ujraai, sugharaai, sundarta aise,
Sri Haridas ke swami Shyama Kunjbihari samvais vise.

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