He resided on this earth from 1561 to 1659 and was born in Delhi. He was Sri Vitthal Vipul Dev ji’s disciple and his parents were Sri Surdhvaji and Srimati Godavari ji.
He was well versed in literature, and composed many pads, dohas sarotha, chaubla etc. He spread the message of Rasopasna and was a rasik of very high caliber. He was completely detached from the worldly pleasures and served his Sampraday with full heart and soul.
Early morning, he used to bathe in the Yamuna River and then used to meditate upon the divine couple. With him started the legacy of a long tilak till the tip of the nose.

This happened when Shahjahan called all the saints to his court but also asked them to drop the tilaks. Sri Biharini Devji went to the court with tilak till the tip of his nose and justified it by interpreting the king’s order in a different manner. He lived in his house for 33 years and in Vrindavan for 65 years. His samadhi is in Nidhivan.

Paanch dugan das bas kare,
Man su Biharinidas.
Mili ananya satsang so,
Bhajan badhe vishvaas

Sab thakur ko thakur hari ta thakur ko thakur thakurain,
Maanu daanu daipranpriya pati rati jachatu partaap duraain.
Niju ras reeti prtiti prakat kari dhanya janam maanat pari paain,
Kar kankan darpan dekho na Sri Biharinidas lahe man bhaain

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