Pratham mahatma prakriti gyan ravi tahan prakase
1st step: Sun's rays illuminate the ignorance

Duje brahm prakash koti suraj sam bhaase
2nd step:Braham Prakash which acts like infinite sun

Teeje pankaj naabhi ramaa vaikunth nivasi
3rd step:Vaikunth-Residence of Sri Lakshmi and Vishnu

Chauthe Dasrath suvan ram gopur ke vaasi
4th step:Saket-Residence of Sri Ram

Paanch Braj ke gop nand aadik sab gopi
5th step: Braj-Residence of Krishna,Gopis and Nand

Chatye sakhi samaj kare lelaram opi
6th step: Raslila of Krishna and Gopis

Bhagvat satye aavaran karhi keli radhakhan
7th step: Nikunj Leela-Rsidence of Priya Pritam

Sarvopari sarvesh gururasikrai mamgal bhavan

                                - SRI BHAGWAT RASIK JI MAHARAJ

‘Nikunj leela’ or ‘Nitya vihar’ involves the love play of Priya Pritam which is enhanced by sakhis and is performed in the divine land of Vrindavan.
Priya Pritam are called by following names also: Shyama Shyam, Laadli Lal, Kunjbihari Kunjbiharini, Priya Lal, Kishore Kishori, Pyari Pyare, Kuvanri Kuvanr, Lalnaa Lal. There is no entry for Radha Krishna as they are Priya Pritam’s incarnations in the ‘Braj Vrindavan’ who take birth and disappear when their leelas are finished.
There is no birth and death in Nikunj. The divine couple is ever youthful and is in the age group of 14-15 years Their sole purpose is to give happiness, pleasure and satisfaction to each other and do not expect anything for themselves – unconditional pure love!
Lalita sakhi who is closeset to Shyama Shyam took avatar as Swami Haridas on this earth to propogate the philosophy of pure, eternal love and about Nitya Vihar. With him also started the music of today along with the raags etc. Akbar and Tansen were his disciples amongst many other close ones who carried forward his legacy and philosophy.
Swami ji worshiped, adored, sang and propagated PURE, DIVINE & ETERNAL LOVE. This kind of love is experienced only in Nikunj- a place where Shyama Shyam are constantly engaged with each other with the help of sakhis. They are so much in love that they cannot stay without each other even for a second. Even the blink of an eye makes them impatient and they feel as if they have not seen each other for ages. The love between them is ever increasing and every moment is a new moment for them as if they have just met. All their intimate activities are arranged by the sakhis who are of the same nature and age as the divine couples’.The sakhis serve, adore and worship Priya Pritam with Sakhi bhaav. This is higher than Gopi bhaav.
In the divine land of love, the greatest and the sweetest Nitya Vihar is always and continuously flowing. Sri Kunjbihari and Sri Kunjbiharini are forever under the influence of this divine love, because of which their every pastime, every meeting, every union feels like the very first one and it leaves them wanting for more. The divine couple is always mesmerised and enamoured with this love, which is possible only because of Sri Lalita sakhi. Sri Lalita sakhi is their heart and soul and along with other sakhis is involved in facilitating the pastimes and loving activities of Sri Shyama Shyam. Looking after their smallest of needs, with great fondness, the sakhis are also the spectators of the great union of the divine couple. These three (Sri Kunjbihari Sri Kunjbiharini and Sri Lalita sakhi) are like three bodies and one soul and Sri Vrindavan is their identity. For the divine couples' pleasure, sakhis have taken the form of Yamuna River, birds, deers, trees and climbers.